SpectraScan is a little helper program for those unlucky persons, who don't get their spectrums in an appropriate computer readable format, but on dead tree.

This SpectraScan allows to convert a variety of spectrum types into a comma separated value format, which is suitable to be loaded into Excel or a statistic program.

Another feature is the ability to 'scan' the axes of a spectrum. In the image below two points for the x-axis have been marked with the x-scale button. Now it is possible to get the value of each point on the x-axis. In the image below the absolute minimum of the curve lies at 3385 units.

To export a curve everything what is not curve has to be removed. This can either be done by manual clipping, or manual erasing non-curve points. Or an image filter can be applied. The image below shows a clean curve, which is ready to be exported.

In the last image the spectrum can be seen, which was exported in CSV format and plotted using gnuplot. The only thing to do to get a usable computer readable spectrum is a curve fit.

More documentation can be found in the help menu of the program. The program development is in beta stage. There still might appear small changes in the userinterface and maybe a couple of minor features will be added, however, the main line of development will be the development of filter plugins.

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